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Classroom Activities

Each student at Sushma Godawari College must be prepared at all times to do assignments either in class or at home. The scores of each assignment will be recorded in the assignment database. Each member of the faculty will share a course planner at the very beginning of the class and students are expected to complete them in a timely manner. In addition to assignment, students are expected to be prepared for quizzes and tests at all times. At Sushma Godawari College learning is not just about doing well in board exams but also showing good performance in internal exams, project and activities. Students will be regularly evaluated in the form of various tests and examinations throughout the semester.

Each student is expected to attend all lectures and practical classes. Students are expected not to plan any activity except for days marked as college holidays in the calendar. Any student who does not meet the minimum of 90% of attendance in a year or semester will be barred from taking the final exams for the semester.

With a maximum class size of 48 students in each class, at Sushma Godawari College we ensure that each student gets the best possible learning environment. Overall, Sushma Godawari College puts a great deal of emphasis on its students' performance in all activities conducted by the college and is not merely focused on 'doing well in exams'.