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Peace foundation is the umbrella institution of Sushma Koirala Memorial Engineering College, Godawari Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary School and Godawari College. This institution is situated in Itahari, a growing city, a peaceful suburb and the center of eastern region.

P.F. is persevering to instill quality education in its students in order to resource the job market with skilled, efficient, dedicated & qualified professionals in diverse fields such as hospitality, industries, banking sectors, corporate houses, consultancies, engineering and medical fields. With the team of dedicated, highly educated and professional faculty members, it has been offering various courses such as +2, BBS, B.Sc., CSIT and diploma in Civil and Computer Engineering to fulfill the demands of modern society and the country.

The sole objective of PF is to lead its students to achieve exclusive opportunities through professional guidance, training and practical studies. The strength of PF's course lies in the objective driven, modular course work conducted by highly qualified professionals formally trained to effectively use the latest techniques in education and closely monitor student's progress, and this is backed by PF's intensive practical sessions.

We believe that people often forget what they see or hear, but what they do by themselves, they understand and therefore remember. Our educational environment is ideally suited for imparting effective training of high standards, as the college is well equipped with the most modern amenities and equipments. Extremely sophisticated and immaculately maintained computer labs, workshops, model bar & restaurants, training
kitchens, reception and well-stocked libraries enhance our students to prepare themselves to work in real world.
Finally, PF takes pride in its students being chosen as interns and job holders in local and global markets.We proudly announce that the products of PF are engaged in big business houses inside and outside country
holding crucial positions.