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The B. Sc. CSIT (Bachelor in Computer Science and Information Technology) Curriculum is designed by closely following the curricula followed by accredited international universities and institutions. Eligibility for entrance is subject to the condition that students have completed their twelfth year of schooling in the science stream or its equivalent from any university recognized byTribhuvan University (T.U.)


Course Objective

The objective of the four-year B.Sc. CSIT programme is to offer intensive courses in computer theory, design, programming and  applications. A graduate from this program at Sushma Godawari College will be equipped with all the knowledge of Computer Software Systems necessary for pursuing a career anywhere in the world.


Course Breakdown

B. Sc. CSIT is a four-year program comprised of eight semesters. The course covers a total of 126 credit hours with 99 credit hours dedicated to core computing subjects. The breakdown of the course in terms of credit hours is as follows :


Computer Science Core course 75
Natural Science Elective Course 6
Mathematics Course 12
Social Science and Management Course 6
Computer Science Elective Course 15
English Course 3
Internship/Project 9
Total 126